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The Department of Medical History and Bioethics dates back to 1950, when the University of Wisconsin Medical School created a Department of the History of Medicine, the second department of its kind in the country. The Program in Medical Ethics has been an integral part of the department since its founding in 1973.   (More information --> About Us)

Animal Research Ethics Discussion

Is it unethical to remove baby monkeys from their mothers to study the neurochemical basis of anxiety and depression? Is it unethical not to?

A moderated discussion on October 9 (Thursday) at 7:00 pm, rm 1111, Genetics/Biotech Center, 425 Henry Mall. For more details, see Events.

Welcome to Aaron G. Wightman

We welcome Aaron G. Wightman, MD, MA, Assistant Professor in the Medical History and Bioethics and the Department of Pediatrics. He is a pediatric nephrologist and has research interests in ethical issues around informed consent and related research ethics questions.

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